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Dustless Sanding

dustless sanding trailerIt is truly a dream come true: You can have your hardwood floors refinished without dust!

We have invested in the most powerful and advanced dust containment system available to date, the Atomic Dust Containment System by BonaKemi. The Atomic system collects dust outside of your home before it becomes airborne by connecting a powerful vacuum engine to each piece of sanding equipment, evacuating the dust which is generated from the sanding process.

The Atomic system also provides a better finished product. Without airborne dust generated from the equipment, there is less dust settling into the finish as it dries on your floor. The result is a cleaner, smoother finish.

Still not convinced? Here’s a short video demonstration:


Colorado Custom Wood Floors has decades of experience in refinishing old or damaged floors, restoring the original beauty once again. We can add seamless additions to existing hardwood floors, whether old or recently installed. Each repair job will have its own unique challenges, and we work with our clients to find the best results.


Colorado Custom Wood Floors specializes in all species of hardwood floors, from traditional oak to exotic woods. We are connected with many different suppliers, allowing us access to any type of wood: reclaimed products, wide plank products, bamboo, exotic species, and so much more.

With decades of experience, we continue to succeed with all types of challenges, in new construction, remodeling and restorations. We can recommend the best type of hardwood floor product(s) for your specific project. We have also become experts in working with in-floor radiant heating systems.


Our team has years of experience with installation of hardwood stairs. We can build your entire set of stairs from start to finish, or install the finishing touches with hardwood treads and risers for previously installed stairs. We have prepared a variety of stairs including spiral staircases and custom stairs wrapped in hardwood.

Custom Carpentry

Our expertise in carpentry includes building custom designs into the hardwood floors such as inlays, patterns, boarders, and radiuses. An entire room can be installed in patterns, or you may choose to make a statement in a specific area of focus. For example, an entryway is a great place to display a beautiful custom design.

A hardwood floor can become a work of art. Mixing species of wood can bring excitement and color. Even everyday oak floors can incorporate a unique design and add a special personality to your home. Be creative! Bring your ideas to us…we’ll make it happen.