We value the opportunity to share our knowledge of hardwood floors with our customers. Use the following links to learn more about hardwood floors.

Ask the Experts

We provide answers to common questions that we have received regarding various topics about hardwood floors. These short articles are published in the Mountain House & Home, a quarterly magazine. Visit our Ask the Experts page.

What to Expect

We provide information for some of the characteristics unique to hardwood floors as well as what to expect during the installation and/or sanding and finishing process of a new hardwood floor in your home. Visit our What to Expect page.

Maintenance Tips

Based on our experience, we compiled a list of the best advice for maintaining the beauty of the hardwood floors in your home. Visit our Maintenance Tips page.

Helpful Links

We provide a list of helpful links to other useful websites, including some of our suppliers, our business associates and other sites pertaining to the hardwood floor industry. Visit our Helpful Links page.