Colorado Custom Wood Floors offers the following hardwood floor products.

To see examples of our installed hardwood flooring work, please visit the Our Work page.

Custom Milling and Finishing:

Colorado Custom Wood Floors can create a unique floor for your home. We offer custom milling a variety of solid hardwood species with distressing, handscraping, edging, and more. We then stain and finish the floor on site according to your choices. The final product is a custom floor that is created just for you!

Solid hardwoods:

Traditional solid ¾” thick hardwoods that are installed and finished in your home. We offer hardwood in a variety of species: oak, hickory, cherry, walnut, reclaimed, exotic species and more. Click the thumbnails below to view examples of solid hardwoods.

Pre-finished hardwoods:

Solid ¾” thick hardwoods that are finished at the factory and then installed in your home.

Pre-finishing at the factory allows for cost effective finishing options such as staining, handscraping, distressing, beveled edges and more unique finishes.

Engineered hardwoods:

Veneered layers of hardwoods which are adhered together and pre-finished at the factory.

This technology allows for stability that is greater than a traditional hardwood floor, and hardwood floor use in applications where a traditional hardwood floor may not be preferred, such as on or below grade. Click the thumbnails below to view examples of engineered hardwoods.

Reclaimed hardwoods:

We offer a variety of reclaimed products from the best suppliers including: Pioneer Millworks, Timeless Timber, Tresslewood, and others.

These hardwoods have been recaptured from old buildings, structures, and even from the bottom of the Great Lakes after being sunk for over a century. Click the thumbnails below to view examples of reclaimed hardwoods.